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Meet Our Coaches


 Becca Jones

MONDAY - FRIDAY 11:00 - 18:30 SATURDAY 11:00 - 17:00

SUNDAY 12:30 - 16:30 

  I'm an avid lover of the trails and all things outdoors. I have been running for 22 years with the past 5 of those years being dedicated to running ultras. I'm a mom, a mentor, an entrepreneur, and multiple business owner. I am fearless in my pursuits and always ready for the next endeavor.

  Upon stepping into the ultra arena I have experienced growth on every level mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Between the highs and lows I've learned a lot of lessons that as a certified USECA  Endurance Coach coupled with my Mindset Mentoring I can help you to improve not only your running and racing but also the way we experience this beautiful thing called life. 

  Together let's train your body AND your mind so that you too can  fearlessly, confidently and enthusiastically toe any line and pursue any goal your heart desires.



Meg Landymore

500 TER

  An ultra-runner, busy mom, business owner, Physician Assistant, and veteran. I have been running for 20 years and have been running ultra-marathons for 9 of those years. As a certified RRCA Coach and RYT-200 I have dabbled with many different types of training and never stop learning.


   I have seen a great deal of success but also my fair share of failures, injuries, medical complications, and chronic pain. I have a special interest in mobility, functionality,and anti-aging/longevity. I believe simply, that the human body was made to move and  I believe that deciding what we want to do and taking action is our greatest human ability.


   Working together we will tap into the mind and build the body to accomplish your goals.

Meg is also available for one on one coaching

Welcome to our hybrid running and wellness community.

We are dedicated to helping you uplevel not only your running but your mind and body along the way. We combine a virtual environment, with social media, and in person meet up opportunities giving you full access to the tools you need to succeed. Join us to be part of a community that is led by passionate and driven individuals fully committed to helping you embrace your limitless potential and perform your best.

No BS Rundown & Details



It doesn't matter male,  female

or gender neutral EVERYONE is welcome and our knowledge and expertise can be applied across the board. We will have all kinds of guests and cover all sorts topics so there really is something for everyone.


YES, I realize the site looks girly but it's the colors I liked so that's what I went with.


Think Beachbody but without the BULLSHIT. No shakes, no recruiting your friends, no selling you on a "magic fix".

No multilevel marketing scheme, this is just us.

I know I know that sounds harsh we have lots of friends that are Beachbody and we mean no disrespect we think it's a wonderful program. However that is not what we are doing here.



Yes I know it sounds crazy and despite our super powered running vests we are but mere humans. We have felt the sting of DNFs  injuries, and good races gone bad. It's part of what has given us the tools to help you through the all the things you might face on your journey.


Also full disclosure we will make mistakes , we will face challenges, we will also say curse words. It's all part of the package .

We are NOT Fitness Coaches

While we love health and fitness we are not fitness coaches. Our expertise is geared towards running and taking care of your mind & body. Keeping both strong while embodying a healthy lifestyle is the foundation we are built on. 


Working to pair a positive mindset with your running and fitness goals is our mission .

Strong body

Strong mind

Crush your goals

What We Offer

 Running Together committed to empowering you to live a better and healthier life through running & the strengthening of your body and mind . Together, we’ll push boundaries and find new and better ways to achieve your goals giving you the ability to toe the line with confidence.

 For the equivalent of a grande Caramel Macchiato we will share our enthusiasm for running coupled with our knowledge and expertise with the Running Together community.




For our fellow run coaches, fitness gurus, holistic healers and others dedicated to the world of health & fitness we will be compiling a members only directory.


It's always been a dream of mine to create a community that is built on us sharing our passions & gifts. Having a place to connect you to those available to help you attain your highest level of success and feel your best is important

to me.

For those wishing to be a part of the directory we will need your contact info & a brief bio. 


We are so excited to see you in Running Together 


Weekly Workouts

Our main platform will be Instagram. We will use the following to share all the details about the latest happenings and post workouts and exercises.


IGTV, Instagram Live, Instagram Story, and regular Instagram posts.


We will empower you with the knowledge & guidance to make good healthy choices that will lead to a stronger more healthier you.


We will also cover topics such as training & race day nutrition.  Meal prep ideas and tips . Some of our favorite recipes & go to meals and snacks.


Helping you shine a brighter light on your health & fitness. Giving you the tools and awareness to have a more enriching & fulfilling experience.


Teaching mindfulness practices that work to create a positive shift in way we approach and view the world around you. Helping  you to build confidence and stoking the fire to pursue new challenges.

Meetups & Runs

For those local to the Nashville area or willing travel we have a great group run on Tuesday nights called the Tortoise & Hare. It's followed by a post run potluck style meal. 

BMFJ will be inviting you to join her at the Jones family farm for training runs on the infamous Murder Mile.

Percy Warner Stair Workouts  Excursion runs within 2-4 hours of the Nashville area

Accountability & Community

We want to create a space that motivates and encourages you to stay engaged and keep working towards your goals. 


A community that promotes longevity and sustainability helping to keep you in it for THE LONG                              RUN.

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