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Choose Your Plan For Success

Getting in shape or running shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can make. We believe in finding the pleasurable side of running and fitness; and while there may be a sore muscle or two along the way, the benefits of the journey are well worth the discomfort. We have developed our approach through our own experiences, certifications and by working with a variety of people. We would love to build a plan tailored towards your success.

Coaching, Crew Camp, & Mentoring Plans

  • Monthly Coaching

    Every month
    Best bang for you buck & great for local runners
    • Custom Training Plan
    • Monthly Training Assessment
    • Weekly Check-in
    • Mindset & Mindfulness Coaching
    • Race day checklist , pace chart , fueling plan
    • Unlimited access to phone calls , text and email
    • 24/7 Availability
    • Running Together Membership
    • Access to Murder Mile training runs
    • UPGRADE option to book one on one training runs
    • UPGRADE option for race day crew and pacing package
  • Monthly Mentoring

    Every month
    Great for keeping your training on track
    • Monthly consultation via phone , text or email
    • Monthly training assessment
    • Mindset Coaching
    • UPGRADE option for race day crew and pacing package
    • 24/7 Access to text & email
    • Weekly emails & access to exclusive blog posts
  • Running Together

    Perfect mix of running meets health & wellness
    Free Plan
    • Weekly Workouts & Challenges
    • Coaching Calls via Zoom
    • Murder Mile Training Runs
    • Nutritional Guidance
    • Mindset Coaching & Mindfulness Practices
    • Running Prehab, Rehab & Strengthening
    • Access to Private Instagram Page
    • Hands-on Support From Our Coaches
    • Running Together Emails & Monthly Updates
  • Custom Training Plan

    Perfect for runners who just need a structured plan
    Valid for one month
    • Training plan tailored to any ability and any distance
    • Each week comes complete with mindset tips
    • Summary of what training should look and like
    • Training plans ranging from 6 weeks up to 20 weeks
    • UPGRADE option for race day crew and pacing package
  • Crew Camp

    Don't Get Screwed, GET CREWED
    • Crew Camp digital content download
    • Printable version available
    • 8 hour course
    • 15-20 training miles
    • Lunch included
    • Hands on learning opportunities
    • Option to run at night self supported
  • From Wine to WIN

    Every month
    From Happy Hour to the Starting Line
    • COMING SOON !!!
  • Current Athlete

    For Current BMFJ Endurance Athletes
    Free Plan
    • Only for current clients
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