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The Jones family farm is home to the toughest little mile in Tennessee. This 1.1 mile loop is affectionately dubbed the "Murder Mile." With 340 feet of elevation gain in two 20% grade climbs that go straight up and descents equally as brutal, it certainly lives up to its name. 


The course runs a figure eight or also known as an infinity loop. You head down what seems like an easy rolling logging road and before you know it you have with a wall and are climbing straight up what we call MYERS MARCH. After what feels like an eternity you summit and run along STABBIN' CABIN. You can maintain an easy cruising speed here but beware because just ahead is the brutally steep descent known as the DEVIL'S DANCE. At the bottom you cross over to benched out stretch of trail dubbed HERE'S JOHNNY, this section is a nod to our dear friend John Hardin of HardWin Adventures. Just after your feel like you can breathe a sigh of relief it's then straight up MACHETE then across RUBY RIDGE and down WIDOW'S ROW. After reaching the bottom of the fern covered WIDOW'S ROW you are headed back to the old barn lot also known as the star/finish area.


Here on this land is where BMFJ grew up and her family has called home for over 100 years. We welcome you and can't wait to share the beauty and brutality of The Toughest Little Mile in Tennessee, The Murder Mile.

We have lots folks wondering how do I get in and can I come watch. Here we will explain everything you need to when you come to visit and how you can toe the line. For rules and all the details of the event please follow this link. For almost every question you could ask the answer can be found here. 












It's been a blessing to have so many folks asking how do I get to run this magical event and become part of this incredible family. What a joy to grow and expand our community!


Our process is a bit different. We do not require you to qualify.  We do not believe in lotteries and our mission is to support those who have supported us. So for both events everyone is sent to a waitlist. After 72 hours we then start selecting past participants first.

If you ran Mid-State the previous year you will automatically be selected first.


Where you are on the waitlist does play a part in your selection. If we only have 3 spots open and there's 5 who ran our event the previous year the 3 who signed up first thus ranking higher on the waitlist are selected first.

The first 72 hours are crucial to selection. If you are a past participant and signup after the 72 hr window you do not get first priority selection. You are then on the waitlist and will be selected in order. However after we fill slots and go back on a waitlist runners will then be selected in the same process.

Example: 5 slots open up and 3 people on the list have ran or have a membership they get sent invites first then we go down through the list in order.

We also handpick and select runners at our discretion. We set aside an allotted amount of space for our handpicked

selections. They filled one of those slots and do not replace waitlist slots. What does that mean? So if the race is "full"

and Stacy is below you on the waitlist and gets selected  before you, she fills a spot we had set aside/accounted for. She isn't actually skipping you. You will be selected  for an "open spot" after a participant drops from the race.

Open entry for Mid-State is incredibly limited.

This past year we only had 30 spots open for first time BMFJ Event participants.

So the best way to earn yourself a coveted spot is to run in December. That moves you up in the priority selection process and make sure you are signing up when registration opens.


BMFJ Endurance Athletes with 3 month minimum commitment also receive priority selection & entry.


We are so excited for the momentum and inspiration this particular style of race has gained. In a world of 4.1 mile backyard races we set out to create something different. Hence Mid-State was born. 


We want to see this style spread and continue to challenge folks from all over. We’ve had RDs and future RDs reach out asking if they could recreate our setup. We are thrilled to be a source of inspiration so with this in mind Mid-State will be adding spots for “Golden Ticket “ races. 


We will select qualifying races that meet our criteria and will have spots reserved for those race’s winners at Mid-State in June. As the race grows and gains popularity we want to invite those who are showing up and winning at this particular style of event a chance to compete against each other on the founding course where it all started, 

The Murder Mile. 


If you are interested in becoming a qualified race please reach out and let’s talk. Some of the requirements will include BUT are not limited to races may qualify based on difficulty and certain criteria


  • A loop no longer than 1 mile (exceptions can be made)

  • A minimum gain of 200 ft per mile

  • 20 minute time limit 

  • Same general rules apply for receiving aid, crewing, and runners

  • Possible mileage requirement

  • Entry fee cap. Why should this matter? Because we have seen lots of money grab events pop up in the Backyard world and we want to maintain and preserve the integrity of this race. 


Even if you don’t want to become a golden ticket race we do ask that races choosing to replicate this particular style of a tough 1 mile last runner standing format please cite your source of inspiration. 


We put a lot of hard work and heart into creating and laying the groundwork for Mid-State. All we ask is that you do not pass off this unique concept as your own. It should go without saying but if you use our format and concept please give credit where credit is due. It’s the right thing to do.


We are happy to help and promote any races seeking to be a “Golden Ticket”  race. We believe in supporting those who support us and we are grateful to have such a wonderful trail running community.

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