Training your mind & your body.

    We have all done it . We show up to the the starting line ready to go. Maybe there's some nerves, or maybe you are calm and cool as a cucumber.  Either way, as soon as things get rolling, that's when all the doubts start creeping in; you're battling those mental monsters and before you know it - shit is hitting the fan.


   Time and time again, I've seen strong, capable, highly-trained athletes throw in the towel early or have these emotionally draining and incredibly over-dramatic races. It got me thinking...why on earth does this keep happening?  I'll be honest, it's happened to me a time or two before and I know how it feels.  It fucking sucks.  Reflecting on all this, suddenly it clicked.


    We spend countless hours training our bodies to move through stomach issues, sheer exhaustion, and sleep deprivation only to fall victim to the MOST POWERFUL muscle in our body - our mind. How do we let this happen? How do we neglect such a key component in a sport we KNOW is mostly mental?


   I'll tell you how. We bank on willpower and our "why".  There isn't a Pinterest poster or running mantra that is strong enough to carry you through.  It may get you to the starting line, but it can't carry you to the finish.  It's not a 5K, this is ultrarunning, and you'll need more than a handful of gels and a hydration pack worth of willpower. You trained your body to be strong, you need to train your mind just as much. 

   Willpower is an exhaustible resource, yet we treat it like it's a never-ending tap that flows into our cup whenever we need it. The key lies in training your subconscious mind to tell your conscious mind that it is, in fact, capable of moving forward.  Quitting is not an option and there's nothing to negotiate.  Despite the obstacles, you will get it done WITHOUT your conscious mind wasting the mental energy trying to convince you that you are going to. The key is to make this a natural process so it's your default setting. Think of it as auto pilot.  


   Through endurance and mindset coaching, I will give you the tools you need to succeed and create a shift that help transform not only your running but how you experience your day to day life.  Let's take away the inner negotiations.  Let's remove any doubt about how strong and capable you truly are.  


Let's go the distance.  Any distance, any course.


I  Believe 

Training should not be your life, it should be a part of your life.

Every workout should be purposeful & tailored to your success.

Unless you are an elite or sub-elite, higher mileage does not necessarily equate to more success.

You don't have to be a "fastie" to run a fast race. Consistency is key.


Rest & recovery are just as important as the miles you run. 


 While I believe in health and fitness, I am not a "Fitness Coach". I am an Endurance & Ultrarunning Coach. 


My specialties include mindset training and approaching for the100 mile distance, but the tools I teach are applicable and successful at every distance.

I love the trails and I am at my core a trail runner.  If you are looking to PR at Boston, I am not your girl.

My mindset and my approach to this sport is WHO I am.  It's not borrowed from a book or learned in a class.  It is how I live, and it is the most authentic expression of who I am & what I have to offer.


    Coaching Plans

All plans are personally tailored and released in 4 week blocks 

Mindset Coaching & Mentoring

Monthly assessment of training progress 


LOCAL RUNNERS have an add on option for a one on one run. Also available to those willing to travel

Unlimited access to phone calls, texts, and email. Response ASAP guaranteed within 24 hours

Running Together Membership

Access to Murder Mile training runs

UPGRADE  Race day crew and pacing package. Subject to scheduling.




SPECIAL OFFER for athletes who prefer their own training


Once a month consultation to discuss training progress and answer any questions 

Monthly assessment of training progress


Mindset tips for maintaining a positive mental state

UPGRADE  to weekly mentoring to receive a free membership to Running Together and access to Murder Mile training runs

UPGRADE to Race day crew and pacing package. Subject to scheduling. 

    Distance Plans


     No Coaching

Custom-made plans tailored to any ability and any distance within any time frame 

Each week comes complete with a mindset tip or technique

UPGRADE to Race day crew and pacing package. Subject to scheduling. 

Join our new exclusive community of runners 


Running Together

Thank you and I can't wait to work with you - BMFJ

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