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Meet The Team

       BECCA JONES   

          aka BMFJ

Becca has a contagious spirit - the woods call out to her soul, and she always finds peace within them.  Her first  time running 100 miles was in her quest for 200. Trail running isn't just something she does, it's who she is. She'll hit you with a high five, pop a blister, give you a pep talk, and push you back out for more.  She lives to see people push themselves

past what they thought they could do. 



The Chair would like nothing more than to have you sit down with a zesty beverage and reward you for your hard work.  It waits patiently for you halfway up Myers March.  It welcomes you, tempts you, mocks you, and encourages you to just quit.  Mile after mile.  The Chair is the ultimate frenemy. 


aka Big Jon


"The most entertaining race director out there."

​-K. Overbay

With a steady stream of jeers and "encouragement," Jon and his whistle are relentless.  He'll laugh at your suffering, encourage you to quit, implore you to never give up, and be the first one to shake your hand for a job well done.  Our race official knows the course is tough - he just wants to see you be tougher. 

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