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The Murder Mile


The Jones family farm is home to the toughest little mile in Tennessee. This 1.1 mile loop is affectionately dubbed the "Murder Mile." With 340 feet of elevation gain in two 20% grade climbs that go straight up, it certainly lives up to its name. 


The course runs a figure eight or also known as an infinity loop. You head down what seems like an easy rolling logging road and before you know it you have with a wall and are climbing straight up what we call MYERS MARCH. After what feels like an eternity you summit and run along STABBIN' CABIN. You can maintain an easy cruising speed here but beware because just ahead is the brutally steep descent known as the DEVIL'S DANCE. At the bottom you cross over to benched out stretch of trail dubbed HERE'S JOHNNY, this section is a nod to our dear friend John Hardin of HardWin Adventures. Just after your feel like you can breathe a sigh of relief it's then straight up MACHETE then across RUBY RIDGE and down WIDOW'S ROW. After reaching the bottom of the fern covered WIDOW'S ROW you are headed back to the old barn lot also known as the star/finish area.

Here on this land is where BMFJ grew up and her family has called home for over 100 years. We welcome you and can't wait to share the beauty and brutality of the new BEAST of the EAST, The Murder Mile.

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